If you can
print it,

we can
design it!

Print Work

Print Work

If you can print it,
we can design it!

since 1989

Layout & Design Since 1989

Firefly Marketing Design has been designing successful print layouts since 1989. We’ve helped market high-tech and biotech firms, businesses in the auto industry, local remodeling and restoration companies, schools… the list goes on. After we launched marketing campaigns for a number of firms, those same businesses grew into international corporations; one with more than a dozen US patents.

Our eye-catching, professional layouts and designs have been an integral part of our clients’ business. Let us know how we can help design your next marketing piece.

Whether you need a design printed on a golf ball or on a billboard, we’ve got you covered!

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Coordinating with Print Shops

Often clients request that we coordinate with print shops to oversee print production and help move the design from concept to completion. We’re well versed in working with local print shops as well as online providers. Let us help with your next print production.

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Resolution Counts

Designing for print is different than designing for the web. Our team of experts is well versed at both. Layouts that are headed for press need high-resolution graphics. Vector graphics are essential for logos and line-art to look crisp and clear whether on a business card, a billboard or even screened on apparel. Photos are not vector graphics, but do need to be high resolution when included in a layout destine for print.

Our experts have experience printing on just about any surface and any format—large or small. Like we said, we’ve even designed a layout for a golf ball!

Firefly Print Samples

Chads Design Build

Renovation & remodeling

The Sprayfoam Works

Insulation Contractor


Realty & management


Proformance Manufacturing

Photo Trade Show

Large format graphics


that's our business card!

Chads Design Build

renovation & remodeling

My Natural Fertility

Health & Wellness


Madison Preschool & 4K

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Need occasional technical support, but not enough to hire a full-service IT firm? Wondering if you should just “figure it out” but realize figuring it out is costing you time and money?

Our LiteITâ„¢ service professionals are patient and supportive so that you don’t have to be embarrassed to call for help.

A happy LiteIT customer

"I hired Firefly to set up my iPad. I could have gone to Apple Store, but I preferred to learn in the comfort of my own home. Thanks for your patience!" Jeff H.

A happy LiteIT customer

"I hired Firefly to setup my iPad. I could have gone to Apple Store, but I preferred to learn in the comfort of my own home. Thanks for your patience!" Jeff H.

Maria Banchik, Owner

Founder, Designer

Maria founded Firefly in the early 1990s before websites were commonplace. She keeps abreast of trends and technical changes as she grows the company.


Let us help you put a new spin on your business with fresh design ideas from Firefly Marketing Design. Whether you're in need of a fresh new business card design or a whole new corporate identity, Firefly is ready for any job big or small.

photography & videography

Today's businesses need top-quality imagery. Our photography and videography services will bring your business to a new level.


Bring your print and online marketing up to speed today with Firefly Marketing Design's expertise. Our team of experts are well versed in both online and print marketing. Contact us today and together we can review your marketing goals.

technical support

Have a technical challenge? Let Firefly Marketing Design help with your technical needs today so that you can spend time on your business!